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I am running for State Representative of District-11 because I believe that every family and member of this community deserves to live in a place where everyone is welcome, valued, respected while simultaneously living a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous life, irrespective of their background, place of birth, skin color, or their status. 

As a community servant, I will fight for the concerns of this district as I will be serving on committees that can influence positive outcomes and bring funds to tackle these pressing issues and challenges. My priority is public safety, infrastructure, and education. 

1) Public Safety: Establishing public safety in our community is one of my three fundamental goals because people’s lives depend on public safety professionals and their ability and training to adequately, effectively, and timely respond to critical and challenging issues affecting our daily lives.

2) Infrastructure: Infrastructure is a foundational component of our economy and the bedrock for healthy communities to thrive.

3) Education: Education helps improve the quality of one’s life and build confident children and adults who can impact our City and beyond.

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